Corins is based in Amsterdam and has been active as an Underwriting Agency since June 2003. It represents non-life insurance companies in the Dutch co-insurance market.


Corins’ mission is to maintain long-term relationships with capacity providers and insurance brokers, who are our business partners.

We firmly believe in the added value of co-insurance as many risks are simply too large or complex to be covered by a single carrier.

Our brand name ‘CORINS’ combines the words ‘Core business’ and ‘Co-insurance’ and so epitomises what we stand for: a focus on insuring industrial and commercial risks.

As well as underwriting Dutch risks originating from the co-insurance market in the Netherlands we also provide access, via our national and international channels, to capacity and risk solutions for very specific types of insurance.

Property (including business interruption)

  • Commercial and industrial risks


  • Cargo
  • Ocean hull
  • Inland hull 
  • Land-based equipment


  • Commercial general liability

The benefits of Corins

Short communication lines, efficient procedures, expertise, flexibility and access to national and international insurance markets.

Generalist in a specialist market.

Professional underwriting team.

Access to the knowledge and expertise of a.s.r., a financially strong, listed insurer.

Our team

Our highly motivated team guarantees a dedicated and professional service. Our entire team consists out of underwriters and claim handlers with proven experience in the Dutch Co-Insurance Market.

Meet the team

Corins represents

  • ASR Schadeverzekering NV
  • AXA Belgium N.V.
  • Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) SE
  • Munich Re
  • Swisss Re
These risk carriers grant underwriting capacity to the Agency by means of a power of attorney. Further endorsement is provided in the form of an agency agreement or binding authority.