As an independent underwriting agent, Corins underwrites risks on behalf of the risk carriers it represents. As well as underwriting, Corins also provides claims handling services. Corins’ short reporting lines enables it to respond in a flexible way to the rapidly changing environment. Expertise is our core business value. Our dedicated team guarantees an excellent, professional service.

Our core business is underwriting industrial and commercial risks. We focus on business of Dutch origin and acquired from brokers that are affiliated to the Association of the Dutch Insurance Exchange (VNAB). Corins’ underwriters are specialists with years of professional experience in the Dutch co-assurance market.

For local intermediaries we work with the a.s.r. sales team to create solutions for insuring large and / or complex risks via placing brokers.

Corins underwrites the following lines of business

Property (including business interruption)

  • Commercial and industrial risks


  • Cargo
  • Ocean hull
  • Inland hull 
  • Land-based equipment


  • Commercial general liability